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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Mattingly Heaven

So I got a box in the mail today which is unusual because I rarely get boxes. It was from Steve B who I had been working out a trade with.

Inside this marvelous box was a plastic case which contained 4 of the last 5 cards I need for my 2007 Masterpieces set. I need exactly 1 card to complete that set. That set was built entirely on $1.59 retail packs and a whole bunch of trades.

Behind those 4 cards were pure gold. Euphoric could be a term to describe the next 17 cards.

I can't even describe how thrilled I am at these cards. These are the sets I never had a chance to see. They're all base cards that most people could care less about but I'll never pull them from packs unless I buy a box online. And if I bought each card individually I would most certainly overpay due to shipping.

AWESOMENESS!!!! The elation! OMG! I'm so happy with these cards. Absolutely satisfied. Ya know, the kind of satisfaction you get after eating a good steak (which Kimmy cooked tonight, so doubly happy!).

I still have to get Steve's out to him but I'm going to try to find some more stuff he may be interested in.

Thank you so much Steve, you made my day!


Anonymous said...

Do you need/want the Mattingly Golden Rainbow? Just sent me an email and I'll get it out :)

ny_hitnam_23 said...

I'm glad you like the cards.

I know exactly how you feel about pulling a Mattingly these days! I never thought I'd ever pull a Mattingly game-used card so I bought his 2007 Masterpieces game-used jersey card on eBay and when I bought my first box of '07 Masterpieces, the first game-used card I pulled was of Mattingly. I now have his home and away game used jersey cards in '07 Masterpieces, along with each version in '07 Sweet Spot Classics.

ny_hitnam_23 said...

I forgot to mention, you've done a heck of a job completing the '07 Masterpieces set! I bought 3 hobby boxes and 1 retail box and STILL didn't have the 90 card set! That's pathetic! I had to purchase the rest of the cards on eBay. I'm not even sure I wanna try the '08 set with its short prints.

Flash said...

Thank you. I have to credit William from Foul Bunt for most of the cards I have as well as others via trade. 2008 Masterpiece is pretty tough. I've bought 2 boxes and the short prints just kill.

darkship said...

what card do you need? I have almost an entire second set

Flash said...

For 2007 Masterpieces I need card 53.

darkship said...

email me at tshipler (at) studentloan (dot) org with your address and if I have it I'll mail it out to you

darkship said...

I've got your card if you want to shoot me your address and it's yours

ny_hitnam_23 said...

I received your package a couple of days ago with the '08 Sweet Spot and the Pirate cards (Loved the Freddy Sanchez black border Masterpieces!). Thanks a ton! The Sweet Spot really helped me out a lot! Maybe one of these days I'll start a blog so I brag about packages I receive in the mail :-)