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Saturday, February 7, 2009

2009 YSL Update 7/5/2008

This game is very significant to me. I was actually at this game with Kim. This was the last game I saw in the old Stadium (both Kim's first and last at that stadium as well). I think Upper Deck may have got it right here. It pictures Melky Cabrera who actually scored the Yankees first run of the game in this very game. So Upper Deck put a player on a card that actually had an impact in the game. Even though it never mentions that on the card and references Melky's solid April which was probably his only productive month all year.

Brett Gardner (the left fielder that game) hit a sacrifice fly to give Yankees a 2 - 0 lead which was the deciding run. Rivera came into the 9th and quickly got the bases loaded with nobody out. Then got 3 outs while only surrendering 1 run. I must say he gave us all heart attacks that day but eventually closed the door on our bitter rivals.

This card will hold a special meaning to me because of what it signifies.

Here are a few more pictures from that day:


Covered in Wrappers said...

I have yet to get any 2009 UD. We stopped in one store by Suzy's house and they were charging $6.89 per hobby pack. It wasn't happening. I'm waiting for Target to get some blasters before I bother wasting money.

Dinged Corners said...

Nothing better than having an actual connection between real life and a baseball card.