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Friday, February 6, 2009


I don't follow the NBA closely but occasionally they spit out a nugget of entertainment. It appears Mo Willaims from the Cavs has been passed over as an All-Star selection. Someone with talent not being chosen to an All-Star team? I've never heard of that before *cough*MLB*cough*

ESPN Story here

That's not the news though. The news is what the owner said about it. "Ben Wallace was right when he called Mo originally being passed over for the All-Star Game a shamockery," Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert said in a tongue-in-cheek e-mail to The Associated Press. "But not naming him as the natural and obvious replacement for the unfortunately injured Jameer Nelson is stupidiculous, idillogical and preposterageous."

I love the ridiculous nature of stupidiculous. I don't know why but I find that word more hilarious than the others and actually usable. In fact, I think this should replace "MOJO" completely. If you're gonna use a stupid adjective you might as well get creative with it.

OMG JETER AUTO 1/1, that's STUPIDICULOUS!! see also Redonkulous.

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Gellman said...

I prefer insaneulous.