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Saturday, January 31, 2009

So what are these?

While I was at the card show going through cards at the table where I purchased the Gibson, Snider, Ford and Berra the guy handed us all white Upper Deck packs. He said it was just a gift for looking at his stuff. All three of us got packs, I neatly put it in my hoodie pouch and went about my business. I opened it later and I pulled 3 cards. I don't remember exactly which three but I know I pulled a Longoria and I have since combined all 3 packs of cards together.

But these are the cards that were inside:

Has anyone seen these before or know what they are? I know Upper Deck has mentioned "20 Anniversary cards" being inserted in their product this year. Anybody know if these are them?

The Evan Longoria card is numbered UDC20 UD-77 and the back of the card says Upper Deck 20th Anniversary Card and it even has the id code you enter on their website. To be honest these look more like Collector's Choice "Crash the Game" than something modern. Just thought I'd throw this out in case anyone had more info. I've seen these popping up on eBay but never heard anything about them.


drewscards said...

Yeah, those are the 20th Anniversary cards. I think they're box toppers for some boxes, but I like them. I haven't pulled any myself though.

Dave - Fielder's Choice said...

They're 20th anniversary preview cards - Upper Deck sent them to hobby dealers for free, and many are turning around and selling them on eBay. It's cool that the guy gave them to you for free.

Some blogger from High Point sent me his Evan Longoria card today...