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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

2008 Masterpieces Box Break #3

Sometimes it's really hard to say "I'm content with the box I just broke." Usually box breaks go either two ways, you got one really awesome hit and the rest is kinda meh or it's just all crap and you feel like you blew your money.

I'm here to say, I'm content and very pleased with my break. I can't remember the last time I broke a box and was just happy with everything I got from the box. I think the part that helps is the fact that I only paid $39.95 for this box of 2008 Masterpieces.

I knew this would be a pretty good box when the first Yankee Stadium Legacy card I pull is non other than Don Mattingly.

Here is what I ended up with:

4 base cards I needed - Joba, Fukudome, Mauer, Tulowitzki
4 short print cards I needed - Eddie Murray, Derek Jeter, Al Kaline, Albert Pujols
2 short print doubles - Reggie Jackson, Johnny Bench

4 Yankee Stadium Legacy cards (including Don Mattingly game #5171)

Captured On Canvas Relic: One of the newest Yankees...Mr. C.C. Sabathia

Stroke of Genius Auto: Joe Nathan

I think I made out the best with the border cards

Border Cards
Black: Magglio Ordonez, Freddy Sanchez, Ryne Sandberg, Tony Gwynn

Red Border: Greg Maddux

And the highlight of my box break:

Blue Border

Cal Ripken Jr numbered 30 of 125

Can't beat that for 39.95. I really enjoyed opening this box, there seemed to be something in every pack and that's always a plus. I'm down to 14 cards I need to complete the set. I doubt I'll buy another box but if I can find one for $40 (the price of 2 blasters), I'll be very tempted to get another.


Dave - Fielder's Choice said...

Wow, the price of Masterpieces boxes has really gone down in the last few months!

Nice cards ... I really don't like the white jersey pieces against the white card backgrounds though. You can hardly tell that the jersey piece is there.

FanOfReds said...

I'd be interested in trading for some of those doubles if you happen to have any off my want list. Let me know.

Jawdy said...

Peter - I saw your comment at Fielders Choice. If you want a spot in my break - you can just leave me email at jawdy@comcast.net or send PayPal for $27 to jawdy@comcast.net (or $49 if you want two teams!). Thanks Peter!! If you want in - do it quick because I already have 19 paid spots!!! Jawdy