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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New Year same old me the eBay trance continues (ode to ebay?)

Looks like I'm not off to a great start. I promised myself I would blog more but I'm having trouble keeping up with that. I promised myself I'd work on organizing my collection *looks at the desk to my right that's loaded with stacks of cards* that ain't happening.

The only thing I have been doing is hunting eBay for Yankee Stadium Legacy cards and Don Mattingly cards (of course). I had plans of buying more 2008 Timeline boxes to help complete my set. Instead of buying about 2 boxes of those, I went in the opposite direction and bought tons of YSL cards and very expensive (but hard to find) Mattingly cards. It seems like even though there's no new product out there I appear to be spending way more money.

eBay has been my drug and I've been taking steady doses of it this new year. There's something about hunting down those hard to find cards and winning them. Or snatching YSL lots from others at the last minute, claiming them as your own *picture viking standing on defeated foe*

I can honestly say that I could not return to collecting without eBay. I doubt the local shops here in North Carolina will carry the Mattingly cards I would be interested in collecting. So my alternative is to find those out in the world who are willing to part with their Mattingly cards. And eBay is my main supplier of those. I'd like to thank Al Gore, the Interwebs, Bill Gates, the people who made eBay, PayPal *grumbles inaudibly*, and the little mice that power my computer.

I hope to one day, step away from eBay long enough to actually write a meaningful blog. Judging by all the money I spent in a matter of 3 days, I think that time is coming much sooner than later.

To Be Continued...


Dave - Fielder's Choice said...

Yeah, eBay rules. Please don't bid on the 1995 Stadium Club Virtual Reality Members Only card that ends tomorrow afternoon. That's one of the 9 that I need, and I'm trying to win it!

Sooz said...

I had this problem until a couple of days ago. I looked at CC statment, then promptly went to ebay and deleted my watch list.