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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

And now, my feelings on the word "MOJO" *Reader Discression is Advised*

This is in response to Dave's post on Joe Collector. I completely agree with his description of "Joe Collector." I posted a comment on what I think young Joe Collector might say on a message board. But I want to talk to you about a dirty little word. A word that, in my opinion, has no place in this hobby. That word is M...Mo. Ugh, I can barely say it straight faced.

It's MOJO okay! *shakes head*

Before I brought myself back into the hobby and blogging community that went with it, I felt it necessary to learn about the new culture that is blogging and collecting. So, I found Gellman's blog and read his section dedicated to stupid things people in the hobby do. Pretty much the "don't act like this" encyclopedia to communicating about your collection on the Internet. The links escape me and I know there were quite a few so if anyone can help me find them I'd be more than proud to link them.

Reading those made me aware of the phrase "mojo." Mojo can be affixed to whatever you're doing or collecting. Derek Jeter Mojo means you just pulled a Derek Jeter card or wish to pull one from a pack or box break. Box breaking mojo, Yankee Mojo, autograph mojo, kitchen sink mojo, I live with my parents mojo, etc. You get the idea.

After reading a blog of Gellman's which pretty much piledrives the phrase into a table, I knew not to utter that phrase. But to be honest, I don't think I could ever bring myself to say such a juvenile sounding phrase. I was a kid collecting cards and unless I'm mistaken I don't recall any phrases like that. I'd rather say something like "I hope I'm lucky enough to pull that Jeter Auto" or something similar. Long wind? Sure, but it shows some measure of thought. Jeter Auto Mojo just sounds...well stupid as hell. Ya know, if you pull something awesome just say "Awesome Jeter Card", "Sweet Card", "that card is frickin' sweet."

Why Mojo? Who the hell came up with taking the word "mojo" and injecting it into the hobby like it somehow belonged. Mojo, to me, has always meant some sort of voodoo force or the libido of Austin Powers. I really can't figure it out and I avoid saying that word at all costs. And I know some people say it but I treat it like those who say certain offensive words that I choose not to say. That's fine if that's acceptable in your world, but I think I'll just restrain myself from saying it.

But hearing someone utter it is like hearing "that" word. You know the word I'm talking about. The word that may have a clean meaning but somehow it's like nails on a chalkboard to you. I have a friend who completely freaked out when I said the word "moist." Now for some of us, moist accompanied by delicious means Duncan Hines chocolate cake. Period. But to her, it made her think of something dirty. Certain slang words for female genitalia may invoke the same feeling. My sister, for example, does not like the "T" word for female genitalia and my friend's wife does not like the "C" word. These are perfectly valid reactions to those words. They're slang words that are demeaning or degrading toward women and can sound outright offensive.

Now think of the word MOJO. *shudder* That feeling you may have just got? That's called "douche chills." Yes, that feeling has a name. My friend brought that to my attention in a blog post. If you go to that page, do a Ctrl + F and find "douche chills", when you see Rapping Granny you've found the post. Read it, I'll wait.

Done? For those of you who skipped the post I'll provide his formula:

Make this stop + Euch + I'm embarrassed for everyone involved = Douche chills

Think of old white people using "Bling" in everyday use, how about corporate emails describing "leet speak" when providing information about changing your password (I have it and oh I would LOVE to post that email here!), and how about Nancy Perlosi "Rick Rolling" everyone. Yeah, that's how I feel about the word "mojo." It's a dirty habit that I hope eventually goes away. But I think Joe Collector out there will never let it die.

So if you ever catch me saying Mojo, you can put those "sarcasm html brackets" around them because I don't mean it. In fact, I'm making fun of none other than Joe Collector.




Gellman said...

File this one under BPE - best post evah.

PAB said...

TO me Mojo will always be associated with Odessa Permian (see Friday Night Lights the book/movie). I kid you not there is a website dedicated to Odessa Periman's Mojo (I'll leave the link below). The website actually has a section about the "Origins of Mojo." I'm in the middle of watching Wake beat Duke so I didn't read the whole article but nowhere in the bit I ded read were baseball card mentioned.


dayf said...

Mista Moooojoooo Riiiiiisin
Mista Moooojoooo Riiiiiisin
Gotta keep on riiiiiisin
Mista Moooojoooo Riiiiiisin

Anonymous said...

Mojo Jojo!

(see the Powerpuff Girls)