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Thursday, January 22, 2009

#1 in North Carolina: a YSL story part 1 the epic begins from the start...at the beginning

I am number 1 in North Carolina (as of 11:30PM on 01/22/2009). If you go to OwnTheLegacy.com and look at the Top Collectors, I am sitting at #50 with 538 cards. Today I entered in 50 YSL cards and surpassed nc-atcollectible who was the last user from North Carolina.

But I think the lack of new product has really gotten to me this month. I've been buying several lots of Yankee Stadium Legacy cards off eBay. Just today I paid for 24 more cards on eBay and I have at least 60 more cards in transit. A 6500+ card set is a formidable opponent but I'm really determined to complete it...someday. My main goal is to collect all the Mattingly cards. So far I have 39 Mattingly cards. But it's hard to get all the Mattingly cards without buying whole lots which led me to start collecting the whole set.

I know I never went into this but the Yankee Stadium Legacy set is what got me back into collecting. I forgot about baseball cards completely. Then one day while in target with Kim, I walked over to the card section and started looking at the product that was available. After picking up a blaster of Upper Deck Series One or First Edition I saw the Yankee Stadium Legacy information. I did some research about it online. I learned of the chance to win free tickets to the All-Star game, the last game at the Stadium and the first game at the new Stadium and I wanted in on this sweepstakes. I started buying packs and blasters of Upper Deck product, anything that would help me pull those little blue and gold lottery tickets.

But I'd like to thank a couple of people who have given me a whole lot of YSL cards. William and PA, who I see regularly at a local hobby shop, have provided me with about 30 to 40 cards. I'm extremely appreciative of the cards. I know they could've turned around and tried to sell them on eBay but they decided to help me with my collection. Thank you thank you thank you!!!! That's one of the coolest things when other collectors help you out with your own collections. It's funny when I pull any Josh Hamilton cards I think of PA, Orioles I think of William, Rays of course Dave, Indians I think of Saints of the Cheap Seats, and Reds I think of Nachos Grande. It's good when you pull something for your own collection, but every so often you pull something and go "Ya know, so-and-so would really appreciate this card". It's amazing how other people's collections become your own by proxy.

Anyway, I've wandered again. But yeah, I just wanted to announce my latest addiction and thank everyone who has contributed to that addiction. I appreciate it immensely and I hope to return the generosity.

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Dave - Fielder's Choice said...

I'll need a few hundred more YSL cards to catch up with you in the NC rankings!