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Friday, January 2, 2009

The MLB Network

I'm not happy at all with Time Warner. I received the emails from MLB.TV about the new MLB Network Channel. After some searching I was able to find the channel among my HD channels. But the channel was unavailable and I would have to "order" it. If I can get ESPN and Versus with my regular package why can I not get MLB Network?

I'm a premium subscriber with MLB.TV and I would love to see what they do with their own channel. MLB 24/7? Are you kidding, I would never have to watch ESPN ever again!

Anyway, I sent an email to Time Warner. But concidering the horrific MASN incident that's been going on with them, I don't believe I'll have the MLB Network channel anytime soon. MLB.TV would blackout Orioles-Yankee games because of the region I'm in. MASN would've been the way to watch it but Time Warner refused to add MASN to the lineup.

Can someone explain to me why there's only one cable company in this region?

Anyway, any channel that can bring me non-stop baseball information is alright by me. But until Time Warner gets off their ass and actually does something, I'll be in the dark.

To Be Continued...


night owl said...


I can't explain cable politics. All I know is I have Time Warner where I am and I've been watching the MLB Network all evening.

I was scared that Time Warner would pull something freaky though. They always seem to. (Watch, this will end up being some free preview and will get blacked out in a week).

tastelikedirt said...

I have Dish Network and just found out I don't even have the option of paying for it. Dish Network = No MLBTV.

William said...

I was an Adelphia subscriber (its a long story as to why they're out). In Cornelius, Davidson and Mooresville, we have a small regional comany called mi-connection. I was flipping through the channels with 2 games to go in the regular season and realized that they carried MASN... needless to say my plans for that night were cancelled and I watched my FIRST O's game of the season. I can't wait til I get MLBTV because according to ESPN, baseball doesn't exist outside of Boston and NY..... Good luck Pete!!

Sooz said...

Cable companies are one of the few monopolies that are allowed to exist in this country. Once upon a time, I knew the answer to this. Now, I forgot everything I've learned.

When I lived in New York, I had Cablevision, which didn't offer the YES Network in its first year of existence. So I missed every Yankees game that was on YES that season.

I went to plenty of games, but I couldn't watch a road game. It made me angry.

Now, I have Comcast in NJ and can't expect to watch the Yankees because I don't get the YES Network. However, one thing I find interesting is that MLB Channel is offered on my subscription tier, but the NFL channel is not. I would watch the NFL channel as well, but I am not paying extra on my $150/month cable bill just to get that.

Flash said...

Sooz, when you say your subscription tier, what are you referencing to? I sent Time Warner an email and they ended up sending me a link to the Extra Innings package. I can't tell if they misunderstood that I was talking about MLB Network rather than the Extra Innings package OR they mean you have to have the extra innings package in order to get MLB Network.

Scott C. said...

I don't understand cable/fcc policies either, but I'm surprised that you don't have the regular (non-HD) version of the MLB network. I have Time Warner and the regular version went live at 6PM on Jan 1. The HD version is not live yet but will be sometime during the season. The cool thing about the MLB Network (according to their own propaganda) is that their version of Baseball Tonight will be 8 hours long and will feature highlights and coverage of EVERY team. They also will have cameras set up in every park so that if someone comes up with the bases loaded in the bottom of the ninth MLB Network can cut to the at bat (I watched it for 4 hours straight last night, can you tell?)

Dave - Fielder's Choice said...

Oh man, you need to get DirecTV! I can't understand why any sports fan wouldn't have DirecTV. It doesn't screw around with any sports channels. I've had MLB Network since the first second that it went on the air. Plus, it's the only place where you can get the NFL Sunday Ticket, and its version of the MLB Extra Innings package is much better than Time Warner.

PAB said...

I found it this morning Time Warner Cable channel 144 is the MLB Network. It is awesome.