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Sunday, March 14, 2010

2010 Topps Jumbo Box x 2 (Player Collector WIN!)

I busted two boxes of Topps 2010 Jumbo many weeks ago.

I was able to complete Series 1 with the help of the crap ton of retail I had bought weeks prior to busting these boxes. I almost have a second set if anyone is interested in doubles.

Everyone has seen the base and we all know what that looks like. I wanted to post some of the highlights of the pull and one very special card.

My gold card pulls read like an offseason award list:

My short prints are Cy Young and Hank Greenberg.

My Relic and Auto cards are Ortiz (relic/auto), Weeks and Ripken (which has been traded away). Not too happy about getting a Red Sox player as my relic auto and there was some damage at the bottom edge of the card that I found later. Seriously fellas? When are we going to get insert cards that don't have these major flaws? Guess I'm asking too much.

Here are the hat cards. I was hoping for the Maris or any other Yankee but these aren't too bad. The Verlander Detroit D looks pretty cool though.

Now THIS is more like it. Yankee gold cards. I have to admit that William from foulbunt pulled the Yankee Team and Yankee history gold cards. But I pulled the Jorge gold.
Then I pulled something that play collectors usually dream of when they open a box. I was shocked and pleasantly surprised to pull a Yankee AUTO!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, your #5 Starter for the New York Yankees.

Phil Hughes!!!

I was thrilled with my box breaks. I figured this is the average. The Hughes auto is a common auto and you can probably get it for less than $10 on eBay. I didn't get any art cards, printing plates or silk cards. But still, I'll take a Yankee auto of a player I collect any day. Despite the Ortiz card, I think this box break was successful.

By the way, I have plenty of doubles so if you need something let me know.

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Scott Hubbard said...

Sir, do you still have that David Ortiz auto relic? I am a big Ortiz collector, and if you still have it, I would love to take it off your hands. Thanks! you can email me at

s.hubbard32 (at) Comcast. net