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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Now Open for Business

This is my first attempt at "big time" blogging. I've blogged on Myspace before but that's small potatoes. So here I am, entering the card collectors blogosphere.

I am a collector of Don Mattingly cards. I have a relatively large collection but I've run across others with way more cards than myself. I think it's a fairly comprehensive collection seeing how I started when I was about 12 or 13 when I started and accumulated the bulk of my collection in about 2 years. I also compile certain sets and occationally purchase older cards (50's, 60's). But my main focus has been collecting as many Don Mattingly cards as I can find.

I just wanted to lay the foundation of what I plan on using this blog for. My blog will be about my return to the hobby after more than 10 years. A lot has changed in the hobby since the mid-90's and I'd like to present my adventures in rediscovering the hobby and my feelings about the current state. As well as my progression forward in today's hobby world.

Now, I'm not a professional writer. I'm a computer programmer so I spend my day writing in a language that is used to run a task rather than convey ideas. So I apologize for any incoherence and verbal ADD that happens.

So begins my return to card collecting.....in the modern era.