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Monday, January 31, 2011

2011 TOPPS LIVE AT TARGET!!!! (Final)

Bought 4 loose packs, 2 rack packs and a blaster. Updates coming....

BASE and TOPPS TOWN (loose packs):
INSERTS (from loose packs):

INSERTS and some Base (from rack packs):

INSERTS & Throwbacks (Blaster)

Well there you have it. The blaster had the only diamond giveaway card. It also had two throwback packs and the only original back 60th years of Topps card (Roy Campanella). I think the rack packs with the security strips have those blue 60th anniversary cards. Topps town cards look WAY cooler than I've ever seen. I assume the way cooler stuff is in Hobby. Notice I didn't get any gold cards. All I got were the diamond parallels and Target is supposed to have something called a Red Diamond as their exclusive.

Anyhow, this signifies the start of collecting season. Have fun and good luck out there.

...I call any Mattingly's you pull!

NOTE: Some of the 60 Years of Topps cards are "Lost Cards." The Mickey Mantle and Whitey Ford insert cards from the rack packs are "Lost Cards" but the Stan Musial underneath that is just a 60th Anniversary card. There's nothing special beyond "THE LOST CARDS" phrase and the card number as 60YOTLC-# on the back.

NOTE2: Got a bunch of damaged base cards in the rack packs so buyer beware.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Collecting Bucket List #1

I'm sure most are familiar with a bucket list and what that concept entails. And I'm sure most have put together a collecting bucket list whether they realize it or not. You know, collecting certain cards based on a criteria you deem as important. I'm not going to dig into what that criteria should or could be. That just doesn't seem right to tell someone else what they should be collecting. What I will do is share some of my bucket list.

It's unfortunate that the subject of the first card I choose to talk about recently passed. When I think of this guy the first phrase that comes to my mind is "the Feller that pitches for the Cleveland Indians." I always wanted to get a Bob Feller auto since my buddy William talked about getting a ball from his museum. But I'm not a hardware kind of guy. I don't care for autographed balls, pictures, bats or gloves. I like getting Topps, Upper Deck, Fleer, or Donruss autos that came from wax packs. I don't know what it is about those cards but I feel like getting a good autograph is on the same level as getting their rookie card.

The good thing about Bob Feller's autographs are that they're very affordable. You can get a decent auto in the range of $20 to $35. Which I think is pretty good considering it's a card signed personally by a player and that card is seated possibly one per box.

I really like the auto on this card and how clean the card itself is. The Greats of the Game sets are awesome sets to look to when trying to find veteran autographs.

I can list tons of reasons why Bob Feller but the fact remains he was an iconic pitcher during that era and I feel had a huge impact on the league during his playing years. He's a player everyone knows about. You may not know all of his accomplishments like the classic trivia question "Who is the only person to throw a no hitter on opening day?" Or him being the first person to volunteer for military duty immediately after Pearl Harbor and his 4 years serving in the Navy.

But most everybody knows that Feller that pitches for the Cleveland Indians. I'm happy to have this card in my collection and part of my bucket list.