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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

2010 Heritage Box Break (Box 3 of 3)

This box wasn't the greatest box in the world but it was better than the others.

Mariano Rivera to close out the base cards

Short prints galore

A relic of a relevant player! And the Mets box topper.
Ruth '61 chase cards I didn't have.

Maris and Mantle inserts.

Finally, Dice! Unfortunately it's a Red Sox player. I think I know someone who would appreciate this card more than me.
That's it and that's all. I think I might be done buying boxes. Although, the price is on the rise.

My wantlist is posted on my blog and I should probably post all the doubles. If anyone is collecting the set let me know and I can help them out with base cards.

1 comment:

Peterson said...

I am actually going for the Chrome set. I am serious about this one...been waiting for this design for a while
However, in My hobby box, I did not get any buybacks...you got one in each box?...
All of my then+nows were Whity ford, yours were the Mick?
...I am confused.
timelovesahero at gmail when you get your wantlist up.