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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Preemptive Strike

My boxes came from Blowout Cards so I have a 2008 Masterpieces box that I need to break. And Miss Kimmy has a box of 2008 A Piece of History. Just so everyone knows Daniel from Saints of the Cheap Seats has first crack at my doubles to help complete his 2008 set.

I also have to give a big shout out to Dave from Fielder's Choice for a pack of Mattingly cards he sent. He didn't really have to do that but I will showcase those cards in a blog soon. I was very surprised and extremely grateful he sent it. To reiterate what everyone else has already said, Dave is a very generous person. I would say in regards to trades but he and I didn't even have a trade going so I'll have to muster up something to match his generosity.

Dave, again, thank you very much!

Update: Damaso Marte is a Yankee through 2011, he signed a 3 year deal worth 12 million. Looks like we'll be keeping our bullpen lefty.


Slette said...

Dave rules, and is always far beyond generous in his trades. It makes me wish I could pull some quality Rays to send his way, just to equal out what he has sent me.

Dave said...

You got those cards today? Wow. I dropped the package off at the post office yesterday, but it was Veteran's Day so I didn't think the post office would even touch it until today, and you'd get it Thursday or Friday. I guess it helps that you live close to me!

You don't have to send anything back. I just wanted to help out since you didn't pull a Mattingly from Masterpieces and I pulled two. I threw in the other cards just so I could send more than one. Hopefully there were a few in there that you didn't already have.

And Eric - it's funny, but I've felt bad because I thought that you've sent me more than I've sent you. I'm glad that we're both satisfied in our trades with each other :)