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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Pitcher's Notes

This is another excerpt I enjoyed from the book I mentioned in an earlier blog.....

Many pitchers have been suspected of doctoring the baseball, and some of them have, in fact, been searched for evidence of a foreign substance. Don Sutton was one of them. But he didn't mind. As a matter of fact, he enjoyed the search--but eluded the seizure. When the umpires searched him, they found numerous notes that he had placed in his pockets: "cold," "colder," "freezing," "warm," "hot," "hotter" and "no trespassing"

(actual scan from my collection, those screws came out beautifully in the scan)


night owl said...

Nice card! Sutton was quite a wise guy as a player, which translated nicely to the broadcasting booth.

When he got in that brawl with Garvey back in the '70s, I was just a kid and wondered what was up with Sutton to do something to such a nice guy like Garvey. Now I know better. Steve had it coming.

dayf said...

I miss Sutton as a broadcaster. When he and Skip Carey would do a game it would often devolve into the two of them trying to out joke one another.