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Sunday, December 21, 2008

2008 Timeline Hobby Box Break

Here is my 2008 Timeline box break. I was in a hurry to go out Christmas shopping so you'll have to forgive me. There's also a voice cameo appearance by Kimaloo.

The hobby product is way better than the blasters. You get tons more short print cards and smaller amounts of the standard base. I have yet to pull a gold card from a blaster but I pulled quite a few in the hobby box.

I really wish Upper Deck would do a Heritage kind of thing (except with their own Upper Deck products) and use old base sets as their design. (Just for clarification in the video, when I say Upper Deck doesn't have a Heritage set I mean that Topps Heritage shows card designs from Topps sets. Whereas Goudy cards aren't part of the original Upper deck cards whose foily goodness started with the 1989 set). But stick with just one design for the whole set instead of plowing all of their different versions in one product. Granted a lot of the cards from the 90's have similar designs, that wouldn't exactly make things exciting. But the SP products were pretty good designs, at least the 93-96 ones were. I can't vouch for the others.

I know a few people don't like this set but I do. The short print situation is very unfortunate but I just can't stay away from the nostalgic design. I didn't get any "big hits" and I don't think this product is about that. I think a set like this is designed for set builders. Honestly, what single insert card from this set do you really want? I can't even think of anything important in this set. Boxes are relatively cheap, when Blowout cards has a sale going a box sells for $35 so it has a pretty good price point.

That's my take on Timeline, thanks for watching.


MarieBay said...

If you are looking to get rid of any YSL cards, let me know.

sam r said...

if you are looking to get rid of that brandon boggs let me know what you collect im interested

Ross said...

shiny cards r kewl.

Flash said...

I'm collecting the YSL cards. Especially the Don Mattingly cards. I have 233 cards and I plan to complete the set at some point in my life. I do have some doubles though.

PAB said...

Your team just got an upgrade at the first base position.

steveisjewish said...

Max Schizer like german scat por n?