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Saturday, October 25, 2008

It's not a Mattingly....but it'll do

So I bought a box of Donruss Threads off eBay from AtlantaSportsCards who had an excellent price and free shipping.

My box arrives 2 days later (paid on the 22nd, shows up on my doorstep the 24th) so kudos to their fast turnaround.

I broke the box at 5am this morning. I made a video which I'm debating on whether to publish it or not because it's a bit rough...(I'm a bit rough, I've been sick for like 2 weeks).

And during my break, I pull this (actual scans).....

Not exactly the big Don Mattingly hit I was looking for. But I think it's a decent card (I write this with a big grin on my face). I don't know what it is but I've had some good luck with some of my box breaks this year. I broke a box of 2008 Heroes that I also purchased from eBay and got a Frank Robinson autograph memoribilia card.

I don't know of any Pete Rose card outside his rookie card that's as big as this one. This is a "would've been" Hall of Famer that holds the record for the most hits by a player. His mistakes aside, this is one of the grittiest ball players to ever play the game.

I really like this set because of all the Hall of Famers and legends. The only part I have a problem with are the minor leaguers that I have no idea who they are. I don't really pay a whole lot of attention to minor league teams and rosters outside of the Yankee's and even then I don't know everyone. But being able to pull Shoeless Joe Jackson, Pete Rose, Mattingly, Killebrew, Brooks Robinson, Hank Aaron, Whitey Ford cards is exciting.

That's part of the reason why I liked the Heroes set (even though most hated it). I'm a fan of the 50's and 60's era of baseball and I have a small collection of older cards that mean a great deal to me. That era of baseball was pure magic and I love pulling cards of players from that era. One of these days I'll have to blog about my old cards and post pictures.

Anyhow, I do plan on buying another box and hopefully I can pull something just as grand if not grander (read: Mattingly inserts).

I have no plans of selling or trading that card, it's a big pull and would make for a nice addition to my collection. And in case you were curious Pete Rose 1/25 Jersey Auto. I think if I apply Gellman mathematics, I made out pretty good with this box.


Wax Heaven said...

Oh my God.............

Put that sucker on eBay with a high reserve price and enjoy!

Wow, congrats on an awesome pull!

Wax Heaven said...

Sorry, I got excited and didn't read it all. It will make an awesome part of your collection.

Flash said...

I understand...but don't think that didn't cross my mind ;)

Anonymous said...

Nice. You don't see too many items from Rose's days in Montreal, either.

Anonymous said...

I was there... I got to touch it. I feel special. :P

In all seriousness though, it really is a sharp looking card. I was so jealous.

stusigpi said...

That is a nice card. One of the auto patch Rose's is my only goal for baseball threads. That 1/25 going for 400, may have gone for a bit more. Of course I could just buy 7 or so boxes for that amount of money. Hmmm?