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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Greatest of All Time

I know this is a predominately baseball blog but I'd like to take the time to acknowledge some hockey history. Tonight, March 17th 2009 Martin Brodeur has become the winningest goalie in the NHL. The Devils won 3-2 against the Chicago Blackhawks to etch Brodeur as one of the greatest if not THE greatest goalie of all time.

Tomorrow night I will be headed to Raleigh to see Marty and company the day after this historic event. Hopefully he'll extend his record by 1 win and maybe even score a shutout to inch his way closer to the all time shutout leader.

I want to congratulate Brodeur and the rest of the Devils for a surprising season. I haven't been able to watch the games but I've seen the scores and watched the highlights. What Clemmensen did in Brodeur's absence has been nothing short of fantastic. Parise is having a phenomenal year and what Brodeur has done since coming back from a torn bicep injury has been nothing short of brilliant.

I've seen the Devils play twice both at RBC Arena in Raleigh against the Canes. I hope to see them at their home stadium in Newark, NJ. My grandparents live literally minutes away from the stadium. I could theoretically walk there for a game...if it was daylight and I had someone picking me up afterward.

This is the only Brodeur card I own and it was pulled by Kim. She was nice enough to "trade" it to me. I hope to one day own an autographed card of Brodeur but I have a feeling that'll become more expensive after tonight.

I'm just proud that the greatest goalie of all time...is a New Jersey Devil.

Thank you Marty.


Anonymous said...

Hell yeah! Don't forget about the record Elias set tonight also. What a special night for the Devils!

Dave - Fielder's Choice said...

You were at that game? So was I. Bummer that I didn't know til now!

I'm sure that you enjoyed the beat down that the Canes delivered to the Brodeur-less Devils that night (and the nice comeback win this past Saturday too!)