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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

2009 Topps Heritage Packs

I had to buy some Heritage packs from the local card shop this weekend. And Kim got some as well.

I absolutely love these cards.

Here is my very first Mark Teixeira card as a Yankee. Photoshopped perhaps, I guess it'll do.

Juan Miranda rookie card.

The Captain Derek Jeter.

A flashback card. This is an interesting choice for a flashback card. You gotta wonder how Topps came up with this card.

What baseball card set would be complete without relic cards? Here's a pointless relic card of Vernon Wells. I just don't see how they fit anywhere in this set. But the card companies are putting them in every set so oh well.

Here is an example of a short print (Ben Sheets All-Star) vs a base card (Matt Cain).

Here is a chrome refractor that Kim pulled. She also pulled an Ian Kinsler chrome card. She always gets the nice looking insert cards. Me? I get the big mitt.

I do have a complain about these cards. They do seem prone to damage on the front or strange photo blemishes. If you look here you can clearly see the back of a card superimposed on top of the Tom Glavine card. Also if you look at the Jeter card the image isn't very solid. I can't describe it but it looks like some sort of pixelation or side effect of the zoom in. If you ever see the Mark Buehrle card which is card #1, you'll see it's a pretty good photo. We're not exactly pulling Stadium Club but the photo doesn't look grainy or rubbed off.

So here you have it. Heritage in full swing. I plan on getting a box eventually but until then I'll enjoy busting packs and maybe a blaster or two.

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FanOfReds said...

I'm jealous of everyone and their Heritage packs! I still haven't seen any in stores. In fact, all I seem to be able to find are old UD base from last year and umpteen boxes of 2008 Topps base cards (blech).