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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Twins sign Phil Hughes to 3 year deal

The news hit Rotoworld and all over twitter saying the Twins will indeed sign Phil Hughes, but not to the 2 year deal it was rumored. Instead, he will be with the Twinkies for 3 years (barring any trades).  I'm excited for Phil.  His last season in the Bronx was brutal to watch.  I always rooted for him, things did indeed get rough but I stuck by him.  Things just didn't go our way and I begrudgingly knew his time in the Bronx was up.

At least Hughes walked away with a ring in 2009 being the setup guy to the greatest closer to ever play the game.  How many pitchers can say, "I was the guy that got it to Mo in the season where we won the World Series."

It's tough to see him go.  I always wondered where he would end up and I feared the worst: Mets, Angels, or even *GASP* the Red Sox.  But I do like the Twins organization, they have an amazing history and have put together some pretty good teams over the past few years.  They've had their troubles but it seems like they're trying to get a team together that could give them a shot.  They will be tied with the Dodgers as #2 on my list of favorite teams.  I'm still waiting for Mattingly to get his ring as a manager.  But I can still hope Hughes catches fire and helps his team to a WS of their own.

And who will I be rooting for when the Yanks play the Twins with Hughes on the mound?  Well, I'll be rooting for an 8 inning no hitter for Hughes...but Yanks win off Perkins in the 9th.

Good luck Phil.


Unknown said...

I dunno, man. Perkins has really turned his game around as a closer. As far as Hughes goes, he, like Ricky Nolasco, is a typical Terry Ryan offseason signing--a veteran guy with recent struggles and/or injuries. Much like when he signed Pelfrey and Correia last year, he signed Hughes and Nolasco to serve two purposes. 1, to serve as a stop-gap until the young guns finally earn a spot on the roster and 2, give the illusion that the Twins aren't standing pat. It'll be nice to have Phil on the Target Field mound, but I just don't see the Twins doing much with or without him in '14.

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