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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Allen & Ginter 2010 Extravaganza (3 hobby box hits)

I tried real hard not to get involved in the Allen & Ginter hoopla this year. Last year's product was an extreme disappointment in my opinion. My girlfriend was not impressed with last year's product which left me with an uncompleted 2009 set. She loved 2008 which led to her buying retail packs and blasters as well as a hobby box or two from me which led to a complete set and us lending a hand to bloggers' short print wantlists.

But the addition of Strasburg had me intrigued and the new design won me over. I think it's the blue and the "Allen & Ginter's Topps" logo at the bottom of each card.

Without further ado the hits:

I'm a big fan of the Lords of Olympus cards. I might attempt to collect them.
The black border Hudson card above has a nasty gash across the front of it. And I ended up with a double of the Biggest Whale card.

The Duensing auto is damaged in the back. It seems like something went wrong with the plastic being applied to the back of the card and it warped. It caused the gash mentioned above on the hudson card. Not sure who to contact about that. I threw all the wrappers away but I still have all three boxes I opened.

There you have it 3 hobby boxes, about 6 hobby packs, 3 or 4 blasters and some retail packs.

My wantlist is updated with the cards I need. I haven't posted my doubles but I'll be doing that soon. I have quite a few short print doubles.

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AdamE said...

Is the Black Border JD Drew for trade? I need it along with a bunch of other regular mini Red Sox...