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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Topps 2010

14 Packs of Topps 2010 from Target

Not completely sold on the card design but they did a good job with the pictures. And I like the subsets and inserts I've seen so far. They're ahead of last year's set in that respect.

The Cards Your Mom Threw Out (my favorite insert set)

*NOTE* these are reprints and only the front of the card is reprinted, the card backs are not the original backs.

Topps Town

Turkey Red

Peak Performance (top)
Legendary Lineage (bottom)

Million Card Giveaway promotion (top)
When They Were Young (bottom)

History of the Game (left)
Tales of the Game (right)

Red Backs (top)
Topps Gold (bottom)

Something interesting I noticed on the Topps Gold back is the numbering

digi-numbering instead of the foil stamping

That's the new Topps product. Not bad for a first showing. But I'm more intrigued with what Upper Deck will come out with this year. I hope they do keep the logos on there and fight MLB and Topps.


Sooz said...

You have Mark Teixeira radar apparently.

If I didn't hate Chipper Jones so much I would say that was a cool card.

night owl said...

OK, the count begins from the time I see this post to the time I can actually purchase 2010 cards in my Target. I say it'll be three weeks.

MarieBay said...


William Regenthal said...

I know someone who will want that Dodger card.... Awesome pulls by the way.

deal said...

I like the actions shots. I think the Unit card is from his 300th win. You can tell by the way there is nobody in the stands that it's a Nats game.

James B. Anama said...

Awesome!!! Thanks for sohwing the pictures!!!


JayBee Anama

Joe S. said...

So are the "Cards Your Mom Threw Out" reprints?? I'm assuming so, but I guess I can't be too certain with their giveaway promo going on, too.

Flash said...

They're reprints. Only the front is reprinted, the backs have their own "Cards your mom threw away" back and numbering. That would've been pretty sweet to pull a real Jackie Robinson card especially from retail packs.

-Doug Brunell (America's Favorite Son) said...

Great cards. May have to put some up on my eBay store at some point