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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Trade with Marie and John strikes again

I've been trading back and forth with Marie from Cardboard Addiction. We're both collecting the YSL set so we go after each other's doubles. And she's been feeding me a steady diet of Timeline short prints. Marie is an excellent person to trade with and I highly recommend her. She definitely has her stuff more in order than I do. She sent me these beauties as well as 3 YSL cards I needed.

We are actually in negotiations for some more YSL and Timeline cards. Marie is sitting pretty at #30 on the list and I have increased my North Carolina lead to 677 cards making me #37 on the list.

And Mr. John from OldSchoolBreaks strikes again. He bought a Timeline and Stadium club blaster and posted what he got. I left a post asking him to post the Timeline card numbers because I was interested in seeing if he got ones I needed. He sends me a comment saying:

Take these cards off your Timeline wantlist:
139, 148, 157, 166, 180, 287, 347
They're headed your way.

Sure enough...

These cards are tucked away nicely in my binder. And I have the utmost respect for John. He's sent me so many packages now and I have no idea what I could possibly send him back. And he's having a group box break that I'm included in. This guy, lemme tell you, this guy, he's somethin'. I'll have to figure out a way to hook him up this year.

So John, if you're watching, please give me an idea of what I can possibly send you. Anything you're interested in. Maybe what you plan on collecting this year so I can possibly hook you up with something.

Something I've wanted to ask people is how some of you organize your trades? Do you have a certain routine you go through when you begin the trade dance? Any tips you can give me? I'm open to hearing any stories of "how I organize my trades." Comment or maybe post a blog about what you do and send me a link, I'll be sure to post it here.


night owl said...

Yes, John deserves some cards. I'm struggling to track down something for him as well.

I'm not sure what you mean by "organize your trades." Are you talking about the process of contacting people/being contacted by people about a potential trade? Or are you talking about what you do to prepare for trades (organizing cards, etc.)

Flash said...

Both. I find myself getting some trades confused. And I have super-paranoia that I'm going to send the wrong people the wrong cards. The fact that I have cards in stacks like small skyscrapers probably doesn't help.

Dave said...

Watch out, I'm coming after you - I'm in 193rd place!

Anonymous said...

Glad I could help with your set Peter. If you want to find me something in return, I could always use Paul O'Neill stuff, especially from recent years (YSL, etc.). My havelist:


night owl said...

Well, I'm old-school. And I'm a writer, so by definition, everything has to be scattered and unorganized.

But I try to have no more than 4 or 5 trades going on at once. Otherwise I'll definitely send wrong cards to the wrong person (I've only done that once so far). I keep the cards in stacks, with a slip of paper in between the stacked cards with the name of the trade partner. But I also keep a ledger on the computer that lists that trade partner's name and at least a couple cards that are going to that person (I don't list them all as this hobby takes up enough time as it is).

I also have another series of stacks of cards up on a shelf with potential cards for others I might trade with down the line (so I don't have to spend as much time searching if the trade actually happens).

As for contacting/getting contacted. I just send an email out to whoever I'm interested in trading with (or sometimes it's a comment on someone's blog). And that's how others start trades with me. Again, I try to have only four or so trades going on at once, so if I'm full up, I might not respond to an offer right away, but I always try to get back to someone.

I'm no expert. Sometimes you lose contact with people (I just remembered yesterday that I haven't emailed someone that I was working on a trade with in like 2 months!). But it works relatively well.

(This is long. I probably should've just sent you an email).

jackplumstead said...

I'm a big fan of trading and my Pursuit of 80's ness has been taken over by trades, which by the way I have pile of Yankees looking for a good home. I contact people via e-mail and have met some great traders and friends by just contacting them and seeing if they would like some cards. If a trade takes place great, if not I want the cards of the teams that I don't collect in a friendly environment. Its good to trade so I hope we can set soemthing up.

MarieBay said...

Sadly, I really haven't entered my cards on Upper Deck. I enter mine into Beckett, and after today I am going to be at 812 total cards. It's funny though to look at UD's site, it could very well be me with that name on there.

Btw, I opened more packs tonight so we will be talking shortly.