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Monday, June 29, 2009

Mariano Rivera Gets Career RBI #1 !!!!!!

K-Rod walked Rivera which drove in a run. One of the most interesting at-bats I've seen all season.

Oh and he also notched his 500th Career save! The Phenominal Phils, Mr. Coke and Mr. Hughes, both pitched on this historic night without giving up a run. Even Chien-Ming Wang was able to hold the Mets to 2 runs without dishing out batting practice.

This card is courtesy of JD's Wild Cardz.

Destined For History indeed. It's amazing what he's been able to do for almost 13 years with one really awesome pitch.

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Cardboardsingles said...

Did you catch the look on Jeter's face when K-Rod pitched to him. I got a good kick out of Jeter's reaction. K-Rod really blew it by walking Mo but the Met's were down so not a huge deal I guess.