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Sunday, June 7, 2009

It's been such a long time, guess I should be bloggin'

One of the cool things about blogging is that you run the show. You're the program director and you say what the "who, what, where,when, and why" is. But I do love reading other people's blogs a little bit more than I like posting mine. You guys come up with really interesting topics and I'm an avid follower.

With that being said, I've been completely distracted these past couple of weeks due to a new addition to our family.This is Bella (her full name is Bella Bow Wow given to her by Kim). She is a JackChi or Jackuahua which is a Jack Russel Chihuahua mix. She's really Kim's dog but she's become a "daddy's little girl." Her favorite past time is crawling into my lap or arm and falling asleep. We're still adjusting to her and trying our best to potty train her and teach her not to bite us. Things sure do change when you get a little one in the house.

But this is where my head has been at lately. Although, I have gotten some great packges in the mail, busted two boxes of Series 2 Topps, went to a card show and received some interesting things off eBay. So hopefully I'll find time to post some of these things.


night owl said...

Ah, you've given me a major flashback to last June, when I was doing the same thing with my dog.

Hopefully, young Bella will be kinder to your cards than my dog was in his early stages.

Dinged Corners said...

Cute! He kind of looks like our dog pepper, who is half-chihuahua as well. I hope you and Kim and Bella Bow wow have a great time.