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Sunday, June 7, 2009

2 x Topps Series 2 Jumbo boxes

Topps Series 2 shouldn't surprise anyone. But I think Topps upgraded a bit versus Series 1. I'm happy with the two boxes I got but not overly excited. The boxes I broke were a mashup of the really cool stuff you can get and the utter crap that could line the bottom of your bird's cage.

I know, I was excited to pull that Fred Lewis. I gasped and exclaimed "who the heck is this guy?" Seriously, this auto relic thing is horrifically overdone. Topps and Upperdeck, listen... you have my full permission to make relics and autos hard to get as long as they're very recognizable names in baseball. When I look at my Eric Chavez, my heart gets full and it just makes me want to say "why?" Seriously, why?

Now here is something I did like. The Career Best cards were a pleasant surprise. I pulled a Ruth and Gerhig. Turkey Red is back with what look to be even better images than Series 1. I pulled a Gerhig card and it looks beautiful. Again we have the black and gold parallels.

Here are some WBC cards that Topps decided to throw into the set and I was able to pull a Molitor and Yaz manufactured patch card. I'm sure I would enjoy these if I actually pulled someone I collected.

I really like this gold card and I will enjoy having it in my personal collection. Nick Swisher has won me over and I'm a fan for life. He has a great personality and has brought that "something" to the Yankees and I have to say I enjoy watching him. I follow Nick here on Twitter.

And then there's this card.

I'm glad I pulled something interesting this time around. My Series 1 experience was dull and when I pulled this I felt better. I just think this card is cool. I'm not sure the origin of this stamp but I really would like to find out. If anyone has any information on it I'm very interested.

I'm still working on checking my Series 2 base cards to see if I got the whole set but I'm fairly confident I did this time. If anyone needs any cards let me know, I got tons of doubles so far.

Overall, this experience was better than Series 1. Nothing phenomenal but an improvement over the last time around.

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William said...

Its good to see you enjoyed yourself more this time. Like i said in my blog, I enjoyed the overall box busting experience. Some of the cards will be put in a box and forgotten about, but I won't forget the fun we had oohing and ahhing over your Fred Lewis.

JD's Daddy said...

That Jackie Robinson card is pretty sweet. I had no idea that card existed. I am definitely looking to complete my 2009 Topps set and have a few needs, but still cracking a series 2 box and have one more series 1 on the way. I have a new blog and am looking for patrons if you want to check it out or spread the word...

JD's Daddy said...

While awaiting my late-delivered series one hobby box, I purchased some upper deck, topps 2007, bowman etc, and it just makes me appreciate more and more the efforts that Topps put into this years offering. These have been great fun to open, and I am loving the Turkey Red and Career Best legends offering. I was then surprised with some rookie redemption cards, a couple of SP's and just when I figured that all of the valuables have already been pulled, I find a black series card numbered through 58. Had no idea those were even inserted in the hobby boxes. I am very excited to crack open that series one box tonight. Take care of Fred Lewis.

Anonymous said...

I've got a good home right here for that Gomez auto if you'd like to trade for it...