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Saturday, May 23, 2009

What would you do? Revisited

Remember how I had a dilemma about a card that I wanted to keep but was damaged?

Looks like it's someone else's problem now.

I sent it back and got a refund and the seller just put it right back on eBay and sold it.

But I wasn't going to keep a card that damaged in my PC. It would always bother me and I would want to replace it with a better conditioned card. So what good is having a card in your collection that you're not happy with? After all, it is your personal collection.

And I recently won this card to replace it for just a few bucks more than what I paid for the damaged one.

It may not have all the pinstripes the other card had but it is in way better condition.

But I just can't figure out why some eBay sellers can't do the right thing. If there's something wrong with the card, disclose it and let the buyer make the choice. You run a high risk of negative feedback and the loss of future customers. Even Beckett (I know don't stone me) talks about condition and the value degradation due to physical damage. It's kinda funny when the same people that put "BV" or "Book Value" on their auction don't disclose obvious condition issues which would negatively affect the value of the card.

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steveisjewish said...

Hey man - got your post about the Berroa card - shoot me an email stephenbrown1980 at hotmail.com with yuor address and I can get it out to you - if you wanna trade, cool just sent whatever - if not - thats cool too - my gift to you