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Thursday, May 7, 2009

What Card is This?...answer

Good job detective dayf. It certainly a 1991 Cracker Jack/Topps card.

And this is the size comparison of the regular 1991 Topps vs 1991 Cracker Jacks Topps. "I shall call him, mini-Mattingly."

It's a shame that Crack Jack and Topps don't get together and do this more often. I don't know if anyone has bought Cracker Jack's lately but the prizes inside SUCK. Baseball cards in Cracker Jack's would be a huge upgrade.

According to Baseball Almanac, 1993 was the last year Cracker Jack put cards in their product. In 1992 they used Donruss Series 2 cards. Found some on ebay.

I didn't know these cards existed until I found it on CheckOutMyCards.com. I picked this bad boy up for a mere 25 cents. It was the first time I've ever purchased from that site and I was impressed with its simplicity. Deals are a bit hard to find because of the much worshiped book value but every now and then you'll find yourself a good deal like I did. I ended up with 7 new Mattingly cards to add to my collection for an extremely reasonable price and reasonable shipping cost.

So dayf, I'll see if I can send you something cool because you were the only one that guessed and got it right.


Dave - Fielder's Choice said...

If I had seen your last post, I would've "guessed" the same thing. But I was busy watching the Rays exciting victory over the Yankees :)

How about that - back-to-back homers off Rivera for the first time ever!

jacobmrley said...

I ate my weight in peanuts and caramel in 1992 to get that whole Donruss Crackerjack set. And I second the notion they should do it again.

Flash said...

Salt on the wound! This coming from the same guy who said and I quote "I purposely avoided watching the game because I've been so disgusted by how the Rays have been playing." after I asked if he had seen the almost no-hitter against the Red Sox. Well, I believe you got your team back. I've been waiting for mine to return for a few years...still waiting.

Dave - Fielder's Choice said...

Haha ... I've been a little bit less disgusted after the series win over the Red Sox, and now these 2 wins over the Yankees.

The Yankees have not been bad over the last few years. They made the playoffs every year except '08, and even then, they would've had enough wins to win the Central.

A-Rod is back tonight ... maybe that'll turn things around. Has Kim forgiven him for his sins yet?

night owl said...

Flash, you said to email you with my address to get those last few '09 Topps cards, but I can't find your email address.

Let me know what it is. (My email's in my profile).