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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Topps 2011 The almost blaster from Target (9.99 box)

My fiance picked me up this weird box from Target. The part that hangs on the rack is blurred but you can sorta see it. I actually thought it was a blaster until I read it. It has 72 cards in it.

This is what was inside. No packs just a cello wrapped stack of cards. I think the cards totaled out to 10 inserts and 62 base cards. I ended up needing 34 out of the 62 cards.

The pack doesn't have any fancy inserts like autos, relics or original back 60 years of Topps. But you pretty much have one of every type of common insert. Although I do have a question. What the hell card is that David Ortiz? I've never seen it before. The number on it is THP-13 and it only has his name, team name and a blurb about him on the back. There's no subset name anywhere on the card.

So what is this insert and what are the other ones in its set?

Other than that this pack is really only good for someone looking to build the set on the cheap. I'd rather stick with a blaster and its guaranteed commemorative patch, throwback cards and chance for better inserts. Or rack packs if you're trying to keep things a little cheaper but still get some inserts on the side.



I saw those at our local Meijers store.It didn't have a price and I didn't have any extra $$$ anyway.I do want to go back and get one for the package.I have not seen that insert yet.What does it say on the back, what letters are with the card # ?

Anonymous said...

The THP stands for Target Hanger Pack, and it's yet another retail exclusive insert in order to drive set completists mad.

William said...

Wow, I hadn't hear of those. Not a bad haul though. Tell Kim hello for me@

moremonkeys138 said...

The Ortiz is an exclusive set that it only available at Target though those $9.99 hanger packs. Notice that it has a 'red' theme to it. Wal-Mart has a similar set, though it is blue, and has a slightly different design. Each of these sets have 15 cards each.

AstrosFreakCam said...

Actually, odds of getting Relics are 1 in 19. So Its not that hard. My Valentines day gift was one of these, and I pulled a 60 years of Topps Reprint Relic of Yogi Berra numbered to 60. So I like these boxes already.