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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My Masterpiece of Mattingly Obsession

I've just spent an hour or so scanning about 30 Mattingly cards. I feel a sense of accomplishment and am very proud of myself. Most people will think I'm crazy for doing this. I found a set that had inserts that were obtainable and that I actually liked. So I kept a watchful eye on eBay for the cards. I have to admit that once I got to the final 3 cards I went way overboard to get the cards. But I was so close to having every single card that I didn't care.

I like the 2008 Donruss Threads set. When I returned to the hobby I was upset to learn that Donruss didn't have a license. I was a Donruss collector back in the 90's and I really enjoyed their 94 and 95 releases. So I bought a box of 2008 Threads and pulled a Pete Rose auto relic and a Don Mattingly base card. But I didn't stop there. I kept going.....

Mattingly jersey relic (#/150) and bat relic (#/250) and base card

Green Proof (#/250) and Silver Proof (#/100)

Gold Proof and Gold Proof Signature both (#/50)
Platinum Proof and Platinum Proof Signature both (#/25)

Prime Jersey # to 10

Century Collection Prime (#/10) Regular (#/75)

Baseball Americana
Relic (#/100) Position Relic (#/50) Regular (#/500)

Relic Auto (#/25) Auto (#/25)

The Diamond Kings
Silver (#/250) Gold (#/100) Platinum (#/25)
Diamond King Framed Red (#/100) Blue (#/50) Green (#/25)
Diamond King Black Border (#/10)
Diamond King auto (#/25) and base
Diamond King Relic Cards
relic (#/150) Prime (#/25) relic auto (#/25)

And the grand finale the Prime relic auto (#/10)

Well there you have it. It took a year but I finally collected every available Don Mattingly card from the 2008 Threads set.

I double checked my cards with the checklist found here (it was the only one I could find).

So this is my obsession.


Captain Canuck said...

not a Mattingly fan, but that is pretty cool.


Sooz said...

yawn ...

just kidding. Awesome collection. Congrats on getting all the cards.

Anonymous said...

Hey there! Nice collection! Keep your eye out for the upcoming Topps Sterling. He just signed autographs for that product! Good luck!

William said...

Pete, that's awesome dude! I hope to see them in person soon haha.

oldschoolbreaks said...

Awesome!! I hope you didn't go broke chasing all of those...

Peterson said...

holy crap. I love donnie baseball. I missed him when Tino was playing first.
well done.