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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Black Friday Booty: Part 2

Part of my order from Blowoutcards were 2 boxes of 2008 Masterpieces retail. I was hoping to get some of the 5 short print cards I needed. Also the boxes contain Yankee Stadium Legacy cards which is a plus and there are some neat inserts in there.

These are the cards I pulled. I didn't get a single short print I needed and the inserts were "meh." I needed almost every Yankee Stadium Legacy card I pulled.

The cards below are available for trade EXCEPT THE OZZIE SMITH. That one goes in my personal collection. The Sizemore is #/125 and the SPs are: 95,96,99,108,113,117,117,118.

Box #1

Box #2
The box would've been a total loss except for the YSL cards I pulled and I like the Ozzie Smith card.

And I went ahead and bought the rest of the SPs I needed for 2008 Masterpieces so that set has finally been completed.

1 comment:

beardy said...

I'd be interested in #108, and any black frames you have to spare.

Merry Xmas!