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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Yankees I Collect

These are cards that have a special place in my collection or that I actively persue on eBay. This list is in order from most interested in to least interested in.

Don Mattingly cards (I have over 400 Mattingly cards)

Phil Hughes cards (I have some but not a whole lot)

Xavier Nady Yankee cards or Autos (I have very few)

Joba Chamberlain (I have some but not a whole lot)

Phil Coke cards (I have none, looking for some)

Other Yankees I collect (Jeter, ARod, Mussina as Yankee, Rivera, Joba)

Yankee Stadium Legacy cards(I'm on page 2 of the collector list @ Upper Deck with 180 cards)

I'll probably have to create a trade or purchase disclaimer soon just to set up some ground rules. My rule of thumb is if you're interested just ask. I'll try to be as accommodating as possible but if a trade doesn't fit or the price is too high then both parties have a right to say so and either reorganize the deal or walk away. No use cryin' over spilled Brien Taylors.


night owl said...

I just traded a bunch of my Yankees away (and my dog ate a Heroes black parallel Phil Hughes today). Otherwise I'd check into trading some with you. But I'm sure I'll get another pile of pinstripes soon.

Dave said...

Hmm ... if you ever post a list of either the Mattingly cards that you have or the ones you need, then I can look through my big box of Mattingly doubles and hopefully find some that you need...

Slette said...

I didn't know Nady had a Yankees card issued yet... I suppose U&H probably made one.

I like Coke a lot. At the end of last year, he just came in and did his thing to little fanfare. Hopefully he can keep it up and become a permanent fixture on the team.

I just traded off a bunch of YSL cards but I do have a few left over from it. I'll mail you the list of what I have left tonight, and you can let me know if you need any of them.

Anonymous said...

I think I may have some doubles you need. Meet me in the living room later and we can work out a nice trade. *wink wink*


tastelikedirt said...

Yeah, Phil Coke. He's from the little town I live in. So the local paper was keeping everybody up to date. Seemed like he did real well at the end of the season.

tastelikedirt said...

Oh yeah, Nady was from the last town I lived in before I moved here. His dad came to where I worked and we made copies of photos for him.

Nady went to high school in Salinas California, and Coke went to high school in Sonora California.