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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Congrats to the new World Champions

Congrats to the Phillies who boisterously celebrated their World Championship in the streets of Philly today. I must say I completely misjudged them and didn't think they had a chance. But that's the same story as 2005 when the St. Louis Cardinals caught everyone by surprise and took out everyone in their path including a very dominant Detroit team. I've seen a lot of teams win the World Series that I never thought would ever do it. The Red Sux...I mean Sox and the White Sox now the Phillies. It's cute, but I'm over that.

That being said. Don't think the Yankees won't be in hot contention for the AL East or Wildcard in 2009. We let a lot of teams beat us this year but I think if we can stay healthy and get back to having a strong 2nd half, we can return to the postseason and get in the mix.

But we have a long offseason so we'll see how things work out.

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