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Monday, January 31, 2011

2011 TOPPS LIVE AT TARGET!!!! (Final)

Bought 4 loose packs, 2 rack packs and a blaster. Updates coming....

BASE and TOPPS TOWN (loose packs):
INSERTS (from loose packs):

INSERTS and some Base (from rack packs):

INSERTS & Throwbacks (Blaster)

Well there you have it. The blaster had the only diamond giveaway card. It also had two throwback packs and the only original back 60th years of Topps card (Roy Campanella). I think the rack packs with the security strips have those blue 60th anniversary cards. Topps town cards look WAY cooler than I've ever seen. I assume the way cooler stuff is in Hobby. Notice I didn't get any gold cards. All I got were the diamond parallels and Target is supposed to have something called a Red Diamond as their exclusive.

Anyhow, this signifies the start of collecting season. Have fun and good luck out there.

...I call any Mattingly's you pull!

NOTE: Some of the 60 Years of Topps cards are "Lost Cards." The Mickey Mantle and Whitey Ford insert cards from the rack packs are "Lost Cards" but the Stan Musial underneath that is just a 60th Anniversary card. There's nothing special beyond "THE LOST CARDS" phrase and the card number as 60YOTLC-# on the back.

NOTE2: Got a bunch of damaged base cards in the rack packs so buyer beware.


dayf said...

Not in Georgia they ain't!
(shakes fist)

MarieBay said...

Can I trade for the Yankees?

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Love that they used a photo from Bruce's "clinch" home run!

William said...

...and away we go!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Grand Cards said...

Diamond parallels look amazing--word on the street is that Golds are going to be a tough pull this year.

I generally like the look of this year's set, including a bunch of the insert sets, but man, there are a LOT of inserts, aren't there?

Can't wait to get some in my hands!

Grand Cards said...

What color is the foil on your base cards?

Flash said...

The foil is silver looking. The amount of inserts is ridiculous. You think they could've created some sort of "Greats of the Game" set (I use that term loosely) as its own product instead of wasting some great card ideas on these cheap inserts.

Grand Cards said...

Hmm...The foil looked silver to me too, which is troublesome, because in all of the scans TNT Cards has up on ebay, the foil looks Gold.

I'm thinking topps may have created different foil colors for hobby and retail.

Play at the Plate said...

My local stores don't have them yet. :(

ShaneK said...

Nothing in the Worcester, MA area.