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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

2010 Heritage Box Break (Box 1 of 3)

I bought 3 boxes of Heritage from Blowoutcards.

I think Topps did a much better job on card quality than last year. Last year I remember a lot of smearing and bleeding on the cards.

Here are the highlights:

Base cards (Nick Johnson pedo-stash is kinda creepy)

Don't know why but I like the airbrushed uniforms.

Short Prints
Chrome (Markakis, Uggla, Carpenter, Hamilton)
Chrome Refractor (Jurrjens, Dice-K)

Babe Ruth 61 Chase cards

Flash Back inserts
New Age Performers

Relic (Jojima)
'61 Buyback cards
Then & Now (Maris/Pujols)
Boxloader (Royals)


Play at the Plate said...

Oh man...now I have to start tracking down the Chrome Rangers...again. Can't wait to see the other two.

NMCLax24 said...

Woah, the Nick Johnson is back with the Yanks? Yay, I always liked him way back when he started out with the yanks

Anonymous said...

O...M...F...G! Is that... Sp-sp-space monkeyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!

William said...

Nice man. I like the Reimold with the old school Topps Rookie Cup logo. The STICK chrome is sweet too!!