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Monday, July 13, 2009

Evan Longoria gets DIRRRTY

I pulled this relic card from a box of A&G this past weekend.

That dirt was on the card when I pulled it. I remarked to Kim (who was helping break our two boxes) that it had dirt on it but it doesn't look quite like dirt to me if you catch my drift. But I'll take it.

I also pulled the Unstoppable Upton brothers:

Two batty Camerons, no relation:
And all well that ends...Wells:

6 relics in two boxes. We got a bunch of minis but nothing overly exciting. The hoodwinks are good fun. And Kim went squee when she pulled the Milky Way. And we're both big fans of the Pi hoax.

I've seen a lot of heat on 2009 A&G. This is Kim's second year collecting these cards and my first. This is a set Kim and I can do together because it appeals to us both. It has baseball players, parallel inserts, autos, relics. For Kim it has art, history, science and cultural appeal. It's fun discovering this set with Kim. And when the blasters hit Target and Walmart, we'll get those too and build our set.

We'll be working together to complete the set as well as most of the blogosphere. Just some good old fashioned set building fun.


night owl said...

It's great fun. My wife likes it, too.

Captain Canuck said...


Flash said...


definition #1

William said...

Hey Pete, I went through my GU/auto box and found a couple Swishy the Nick relics/autos (he is with the A's though). Will you go squee over these? Let me know.

Anonymous said...

Let me know what cards you need I have a lot of extras.